Omer: my love for you just isn’t adequate?

Omer: my love for you just isn’t adequate?

Sude: that you will be deeply in love with

Omer cures Defne hair with a hairdrier. SCENE OMER DEFNE Defne: are we collectively today? Omer: as it seems indeed . Let us wed soon. Defne: allows get married Omer: in a few days? to Milan Defne: Milan? Omer: we shall hire a property for most days and an automobile to go sightseeing. We wil check out lots of region and we’ll try using canoe. Defne: milan, kayak i am not unique to kayak. Omer: I will educate you on Defne: Do not be therefore sure you won’t see extra ineffective people just like me. Omer: You will find perhaps not observed most breathtaking individual than your . never stress I am going to deal with it. Defne: I can not believe it . it isn’t a dream our company is generating systems. Omer: sure we have been making. Defne: yes but my grandfather should see me because of the wedding gown. Omer: once we will come back once again we shall posses a ceremony here as well, Defne: yes you prefer the ceremonies. Defne: sufficient permanently.

OMER: yes we now have said to select brand new talents and create great interactions using them

Sude: I will be annoyed in history in the home. I need to appear right here observe we all. Sinan: Everybodyis pleased ..Anyone want to read these an attractive girl day-after-day. Sinan: what exactly is your own programs? Will you be stuff another? Sude: i have sth inside my notice but right now I do want to chill out much more. Sinan: without a doubt you certainly will decide. Sude: are you currently alright? phrendly visitors Sinan: precisely why? Sude: you will need sb to speak . that woman. Sinan: girl? Sinan: I will suggest close this topic. Sude: no we are going to talking I am able to visit your aches. Sinan : yes i dropped crazy but just me personally Sude: was just about it over? SINAN: as i have said it’s got maybe not started. Sude: inside your was just about it over? Sinan: SIGA SIGA getting FINISHED WILL MOST LIKELY CLOSE THE PROBLEM TO PLEASE? Sude: okay I do not need to be concerned AS REQUIREMENT Sinan: utilizing the energy it should be done. Lets nearby the subject please. Sude: ok .i do not want to harm.

Sude informs Jiasemin that she shortly will manage to find a method to push Defne aout regarding the comany as she cannot desire to be near Sinan. Jiaseim . informs the lady it would be better not to tell their something.

Sinan shows the styles to Omer. Omer is actually satisfied because of the models but especially from Defne’s design. Omer phone calls the business to create a proposal to be able to purchase it although team notifies your that Denize has recently purchased.

SCENE DEFNE aˆ“Sinan- OMEP (at Omer’s office) Sinan: Omer, do you actually recall the style class that We have said regarding it? Sinan: exactly. Inside college are Defne but we must find brand-new abilities so as to make them better proposals that Traba.. Defne.. appear Defne…how could you be? Defne: great Mr Sinan , your? Sinan: how usually? OMER: it can be great Sinan: avoid being jealous. It is possible to design these a great design as well. OMER: Sinan the person who made it happen is great. They have to focus for passionist. We have to employ your. Sinan: I will contact instantly . Defne , do you know him? Defne: zero , no how to know your .. i actually do maybe not understand him. OMER: Defne, which of the models are your own website? Defne: now I can not remember.

Sinan phone calls the headmaster associated with class and says to him that the design because of the amounts 17 pleased your. Omer desires to find out more about the pupil just who drew it ( Defne) but the guy informs you that he cannot expose his personal information as their concept has recently marketed to Traba.)


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