14 Hindu Wedding Party Customs You Should Know

14 Hindu Wedding Party Customs You Should Know

Know what customs to expect and the things they symbolize.


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Hindu weddings were radiant, intricately planned, culture-rich celebrations filled up with event and customs. Whilst the most substance of a Hindu wedding service will be the actual, spiritual, and emotional union of a couple; additionally it is towards coming along of two households through prayer and special event.

“A Hindu marriage consist somewhere between the couple’s objectives while blending their family customs,” describes Southern Asian marriage expert Jignasa Patel. “with lots of rituals and mini ceremonies causing the primary service time, it binds the happy couple and both people for eternity.”

Meet the Professional

Jignasa Patel was an event coordinator with over 10 years of expertise in the industry. The woman is the Chief Executive Officer and creative movie director of K.I. Wedding receptions, a meeting planning and concept firm known for the knowledge of South Asian traditions and perfect fusions with American nuptial lifestyle.

It really is usual for visitors to put on old-fashioned Indian clothing, instance saris or lenghas for females and long-sleeved tunics and trousers for males. “Build each show ensemble as you were outdoing yourself through the finally celebration, saving your many glamorous dress during the day in the wedding ceremony and reception,” claims Patel. If you opt to pick an even more Western solution, keep in mind that females will need to have their unique shoulders, legs, and sporadically weapon secure. Guys should don longer sleeves and extended shorts. Men and women should bring something to cover their unique heads throughout the service. Bold, vibrant shades become seriously recommended, but make sure to steer clear of white (associated with funerals), black (regarded unlucky), and yellow (the color the bride wears).

The events of a Hindu wedding generally occur throughout flirt the span of three days with different occasions happening every single day.

The main ceremony and reception in the next day as well as the sangeet during the second day tend to be went to by all of the guests. The Ganesh Pooja service that begins the marriage happenings regarding first-day is usually an intimate event with just close group in attendance. “be ready for early morning activities,” suggests Patel. “Hindu wedding festivities derive from auspicious era predetermined and provided by the priest.”

Larger than most american wedding receptions. “a romantic Hindu event can contains about 150 to 200 visitors,” states Patel. “you do not merely invite friends but, in some instances, the entire neighborhood from your own hometown. This wide variety can lead in to the thousands, even yet in the U.S.”

Usually, there’s absolutely no hug at the end of a Hindu wedding ceremony as a consequence of the mainly conservative heritage. However, this differs regarding couples on their own in addition to their people.

“it is important for attendees to know that there is absolutely no alcoholic drinks offered or brought to the Hindu marriage service,” states Patel. “The ceremony was impactful in a lot of spiritual traditions and traditions starting at one-and-a-half hrs leading into a three-hour-long service.” While typically the marriage reception is also alcohol-free, a lot of modern couples and family tend to be busting away from this.

Gift suggestions are usually maybe not taken to a service, though this may vary. In the event that you want to gift one thing to the couple, have it delivered their home. The only real difference is when you want to present these with a monetary surprise, whereby this could be considering in an envelope in the wedding reception.

Keep reading to uncover 14 event rituals you will confront at a Hindu event and see the meanings behind them.


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