Regarding the Puahate message board he uploaded on sporadically

Regarding the Puahate message board he uploaded on sporadically

most of the original reaction to the fight is made up of your website’s userbase arguing around effects of Rodger’s massacre in the future of the message board, as a result of Rodger’s possible previous use of the discussion board (he made use of his actual term as his handle on the webpage and additionally a few alt profile which will currently their just by the crafting preferences), which had been after affirmed by his mention of Puahate in the manifesto.

The customers from the forum differed inside their view as to what attributes produced Rodger incel, but generally concurred inside their impression of (within see) their effeminate actions and common personal awkwardness as being the likely factor in his involuntary celibacy. One user typed of Rodger (most likely facetiously):

Hea€™s not “ugly” in layman’s terms, but he’s no sex attraction. Quick decreased third and gay midface, with zero eyebrow ridge. We ought to search deeper [. ] the guy will need to have become a hair-cut, acquired neck tattoos and reviewed the very best making use of sociopathic act, that would need gotten him hotties. Unfortuitously, like the majority of on this web site, he’s too aspie to understand they. Lock him up and throw away the key. [10]

During the manosphere, specifically among pick-up musicians, there seemed to be generally speaking an effort to distance on their own from Rodger as a result to attempts by feminists as well as the media to link Rodger to what ended up being the leading faction for the manosphere. The opinion among them is that Rodger is a “game denialist”, owing to his utilization of the anti-PUA discussion board Puahate. They contended that finding out PUA and deploying “game” would have assisted Rodger see put, thereby averting the massacre. [11]

Vlogs [ modify | revise supply ]

Rodger published a number of video, which normally grabbed the type of monologues of him discussing their loneliness and (perceived, since the guy didn’t appear to have clearly questioned lady out for schedules as a result) rejection Rialto escort girl by people on Youtube with games eg “how about we Girls Like Me?” Some other video clips on their route took the type of arbitrary vlogs portraying your travel across streets of Isla Vista while playing 80s songs (a potential incel characteristic) and soaking for the vistas in a variety of locales around the suburb. The troubling information of these films, including open violent and suicidal ideation, generated some one (probably their mom) enlightening police of these, in addition they subsequently settled your a call prior to the massacre. The deputies who checked out him later on outlined him as “shy, timid and courteous.” Next visit, they left him by yourself, while they had no legal cause to detain your. Rodger penned within his manifesto that after that explore, the guy slept with one of his true pistols under their pillow so he could about have multiple eliminates before becoming detained/killed from the police in the event of all of them wanting to avoid their plans.

In his last video, the guy talked at period of their ideas of sexual getting rejected and loneliness. He ranted at length detailing his intensive envy towards sexually effective guys and his awesome hatred of females in general, and talked of his serious misanthropy, expressing: “I dislike everybody. Mankind is a disgusting, wretched, depraved kinds. Easily got it in my electricity, I would personally stop at absolutely nothing (factors little finger at digital camera) to decrease every one people to mountains of skulls and streams of bloodstream. And truly therefore.”

Finally, the guy promised, “On the day of retribution, I am going to go into the finest sorority household at UCSB and I also will slaughter each rotten, stuck-up, blond slut I see around here” immediately after which “take into the roadways of Isla Vista and slay each and every individual I discover there.” [12] The video comprise removed by YouTube as violations of the coverage against violent threats; after that undeleted; following deleted once more in 2018, following the Toronto van approach perpetuated by Alek Minassian, whom government county praised Rodger in an online forum blog post prior to the fight. [13]

Narcissism [ edit | modify origin ]

Elliot Rodger’s personal tale are disproportionately cited by news because he displayed narcissistic attributes and an unlikable identity, and this match their particular story. It’s been said that Rodger’s discouraged narcissism had been an important factor within his decision to carry out their murderous rampage, with this particular probably being a higher factor in leading to the massacre than his autism, [14] and this disappointed narcissism was also a factor in lot of some other size killings, included in a theorized “path to intended violence” design, where narcissists seek aggressive revenge your alleged insults they suffer in contravention on their elevated self-image, a purported instance of this type of getting the terrorist attacks committed by Anders Brevik, who had been also diagnosed with autism. This really gels using the usual narrative that Rodger’s massacre had been motivated by sexual entitlement, and it’s really undoubtedly difficult for just about any sensible individual deny that Rodger was actually likely motivated almost specifically by sexual stress (though a desire for higher condition also seemingly have played a task, with updates are conferred by women’s acceptance in the eyes), as he lucidly elaborated within his manifesto.

As an away, whilst it was stated that Rodger got Asperger’s syndrome, he was never ever clinically determined to have this, versus are identified as having PPNOS (Pervasive Developmental problems perhaps not Otherwise particular), another Autism Spectrum condition.

In the Youtube clips, Rodgers experimented with follow an extremely distinctive, vaudeville villain kind persona. This form of exaggerated self-presentation are set alongside the previous incel murderer George Sodini (exactly who Rodger talked about in some of his on the web posts), that has no psychological disorders and was (for some of their lifestyle) seemingly pretty modest, polite, hard-working, normal-seeming, and generally self-effacing (which women might have undoubtedly considered “boring”).

Similarly, Alek Minassian’s individual story is generally glossed over in news stories regarding his massacre (as an alternative normally focusing on their best internet article), as he got a horribly bullied autistic special needs student, speaing frankly about their story genuinely plus in detail would perhaps build extreme concern.


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